Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to be a Succesfull Wife

1. Use your 'Fitnah' to win the heart of your husband.
All women have the ornaments that Allah blessed them
with. Use the beauty Allah Ta'ala has bestowed you
with to win the heart of your husband.

2. When your husband comes home, greet him with a
wonderful greeting.

Imagine your husband coming home to a clean house,

an exquisitely dressed wife, a dinner prepared with care,
children clean and sweet smelling, a clean bedroom -
what would this do to his love for you? Now imagine
what the opposite does to him.

3. Review the characteristics of the Hoor Al-Ayn and
try to imitate them.
The Qur'an and Sunnah describe the women in Jannah
with certain characteristics. Such as the silk they
wear, their large dark eyes, their singing to their
husband, etc. Try it, wear silk for your husband, put
Kohl in your eyes to 'enlarge' them, and sing to your

4. Always wear jewelry and dress up in the house.
From the early years, little girls have adorned
themselves with earrings and bracelets and worn pretty
dresses - as described in the Qur'an. As a wife,
continue to use the jewelry that you have and the
pretty dresses for your husband.

5. Joke and play games with your husband.
A man's secret: they seek women who are lighthearted
and have a sense of humor. As Rasulullah (saw) told
Jabir to marry someone who would make him laugh and he
would make her laugh.

6. Thank your husband constantly for the nice things
he does.
Then thank him again. This is one of the most
important techniques, as the opposite is a
characteristic of the women of hellfire.

7. An argument is a fire in the house.
Extinguish it with a simple 'I'm sorry' even if it is
not your fault. When you fight back, you are only
adding wood to the fire. Watch how sweetly an argument
will end when you just say sincerely, "Look, I'm
sorry. Let's be friends."

8. Always seek to please your husband, for he is your
key to Jannah.
Rasulullah (saw) taught us that any woman who dies in
a state where her husband is pleased with her, shall
enter Jannah. So please him.

9. Listen and Obey! Obeying your husband is Fard! Your
husband is the Ameer of the household. Give him that
right and respect.

10. Make Dua to Allah to make your marriage and
relationship successful.
All good things are from Allah. Never forget to ask
Allah Ta'ala for the blessing of having a successful
marriage that begins in this Dunya and continues on -
by the Mercy of Allah Ta'ala - into Jannah, insya`allah

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